Carla Weatherford Restore Brain TMS Treatment
Carla Weatherford – Restore Brain Technician

Carla Weatherford has a degree from University of Phoenix in Business Administration and is a graduate from CCI Career Training Institute as a Health Information Specialist. She received her Neurostar University certification in 2012 and has been working in clinic delivering TMS therapy as a trained Neuromodulation Technician since that time. 
As Restore Brain’s TMS Coordinator, she is passionate about psychiatry and helping patients recover from depression. She is trained in the area of Dynamic Mindfulness and Transformative Life Skills and likes to incorporate these practices into her therapy sessions. She is regarded as  the top TMS coordinator in the country by Neuronetics and is a leading consultant for other coordinators in the country. 
In her free time, Carla loves spending time with her family and animals. She enjoys world-class bass fishing around many of Texas’ recreational lakes and is searching for her next trophy! Carla is approachable, compassionated and full of life. These qualities are the foundation for Restore Brain’s connection to the patients satisfaction.